Three “Beer Poems” from Gerry Crinnin

Of Beer

Here’s a tin crown fit for its wearer,
a crimped 22-sided skull cap,
snap, pop, twist, grr it off
with the teeth, weird tiara.
I have a bellyful at all times
for when I take my lumps,
when I break from the huddle
of people and drink them in.



Years ago
that’s what I wanted
to be.

I thought about it.
Then one day


I killed a man.

I went to work.
I almost had a stroke.

I was not there.

What happened
to my glass,
my cold one?


Change Your Telos #1

Rise up on your beer bottle,

bite that stupid skanky boyfriend,

girlfriend, don’t take that.


Gerry Crinnin, a native of Syracuse, is an ex-U.S. Navy journalist who used the G.I. Bill to get a Master’s degree from Brown and a Ph.D. from Binghamton University. His teachers include Milton Kessler, C.D. Wright, Galway Kinnell, Michael Harper, and Ruth Stone. For 23 years Crinnin has been teaching English and writing classes at Jamestown Community College. His work has appeared most notably in Modern American Poetry (2002), an anthology from the Great Books Foundation. His most recent book is Haiku to the Chief (2016), a series of 43 haiku – one for each U.S. president.  

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