The “Back to School” Issue – 2017

We decided that for our third month of Counterpoint “conversations,” we’d go back to school.

Primary and secondary education in Buffalo is in a state of crisis. Our school system suffers from abysmal graduation rates, rampant truancy, tension between different stakeholder groups, struggles to meet the needs of immigrant and non-English-speaking students, a state-driven assessment scheme of dubious value, and an impending fiscal collapse. More importantly, though, our school-aged children suffer from an inequity of educational opportunity.

On that point, all of our writers were in agreement. Beyond that, their approaches to the challenges and opportunities of education in Buffalo varied widely. Click the links below to read what they have to say.

Marcus Deveso, Assistant Director of Buffalo Prep

Philip Rumore, President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation

Lawrence Quinn, Member of the Buffalo Board of Education


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