Counterpoint is a platform for conversation. It’s a space where people and ideas will collide, clash, embrace, overlap, and change each other. We hope that it offers our readers, writers, and artists a new way – a better way – to engage with the cultural currents, political movements, economic trends, and ethical and aesthetic ideas that make up the world we live in.

Counterpoint has no affiliation with any political group, ideology, or other belief system. We do, however, have an agenda. It’s predicated on a commitment to three things: discourse, civic engagement, and shared prosperity.

Each month, the editorial team will provide a space for one “conversation” about an important issue. We’ll ask people who have knowledge and passion about that issue – academics, artists, politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders – to weigh in, their opinions and perspectives dovetailing or clashing in interesting and illuminating ways. Then we’ll supplement these essays with other content that approaches the issue from new and surprising angles – video interviews, photojournalism, spoken word performances, and more.

A few times each year, we’ll bring these discussions to a live audience, in panel events and parties open to the public.

We want our audience to drive our content. Counterpoint began with one question. If we could get our entire community to engage in one conversation, what should it be about? Quickly we realized that to answer that question, we needed to turn to the community for input. If you have a topic you’d like to see us cover, visit our Contact page and let us know. Tell us about the topic and, if you can, suggest the names of writers you’d like to hear weigh in on it – and tell us why we need to hear their voices.